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2016 - Wayne Johnston



     Player Pianos

      Woodworker & Machinist

       MIDI Player Systems (Installation & Service)



Pianos and Player Pianos are our specialty.

Mechanical Musical Instruments are our passion!!!

We provide a complete service for pianos, player pianos and all types of mechanical musical instruments (including pump organs). Our skills in woodworking and machining give us the capability to; (a) restore antique instruments and player pianos to their original condition, and (b) install the latest MIDI and CD driven player systems.  Most of the instruments we restore and service were made in the early 1900s, but we also repair the  newer pneumatic player pianos.

We tune*, repair, rebuild, and sometimes sell them. If we are called on to check out a piano that you might want to buy, we will critique it and give you an honest appraisal of the instrument. We can refer you to other services as well, i.e.: refinishing, player piano roll dealers, even other technicians that specialize in unique services.

We currently have a shop set up in La Mesa (San Diego County) for doing installations of the Pianoforce Player Systems.

* For information about tuning (and pitch raise) and regulation of a piano click  here.



January 05, 2016

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